electric lunch box FAQ

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1. Q: What size is the lunch box? What material is it made of?

A: The lunch box has a capacity of 1.5L (with a special small box for separating dishes) and is made of PP food grade freshness. (The capacity and material of each model are different, please answer according to the actual situation)

2. Q: How long does it take to heat up? How long does it take to keep warm?

A: It takes about 30 minutes to heat up (50-60 degrees), in winter it can last for three or four hours, in summer it is recommended to unplug the power within an hour.

Mainly designed for heating use, not plugged into electricity insulation 15 minutes.

3. Q: Can I put the dish in the fridge because it is easy to be bad in summer?

A: You can't put it in the fridge. In summer, you can put the food in the fridge and then pour it into the electric lunch box the next morning.

4. Q: Is it easy to clean? Can I put it in the microwave?

A: You can't put it in the microwave (there are heating components inside), but there is a special small compartment (small box) inside where you can put the food.

The place where you put the rice is directly wiped with a soft cloth with water, please do not put the whole machine into the water to clean it after use Clean the product in a ventilated and dry place Do not let children touch it.            


Warm tips.

1, before use should check whether the rated voltage marked on the body nameplate is the same as the voltage you use.

2, please use a grounding protection of the power supply to ensure personal safety.

3, when using the body should be placed on a stable platform, and placed in a place where children can not touch.

4、Do not use excessive force when pressing the power switch to prevent damage to the power switch.

5、Do not use the product on or near carpets and other objects that are not heat resistant, and do not place objects damaged by steam above the product.

6、If the body is dry, add water to the heating plate or unplug the power supply, do not touch the heating plate with your hands to prevent burns.

7、Steaming food generates a lot of steam, so be careful of steam burns when opening the upper cover. When the food is heated, please turn the power switch off before opening the lid of the lunch box.

8. The machine has an anti-dry burn protection function, i.e. the indicator light goes off. When finished using the machine, please remember to turn the power switch off and disconnect the power supply to ensure that the machine stops working.

9、Do not immerse the body in water or allow liquid to flow into the body when cleaning to avoid danger!

10、If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or a similar specialist to avoid danger.